What to do with polyester?

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Did you know that polyester was a very polluting material, ubiquitous in fashion? Mex Group upgrades this material to create new products, especially in bedding!

What is Polyester?

Polyester is an artificial synthetic material derived from petroleum (non-renewable fossil energy, we remind you), widely used in the textile and fashion industry. It is made using toxic chemicals. In other words, a very polluting material for the air, water and soil that should be avoided.
Recycling polyester consists of creating new products from textile production scraps, old used clothes, but also plastic bottles. This also has a positive ecological impact for our oceans with the many plastic bottles found there each year.

A more ethical and ecological consumption

Today, it is becoming urgent to favor recycled polyester fibers and natural fibers for more responsible, ethical and ecological consumption.
At Mex, to deal with this negative environmental impact, we collect and recycle post-consumer polyester quilts into secondary raw materials that will be used as stuffing for products in various fields of activity.

Do you have products intended for destruction and want to be part of an eco-conversion process?

Depending on your sector of activity, this may interest us!
Do you perhaps have materials to recycle and upcycle?

We analyze your project for a reuse proposal with the aim of developing a new eco-designed component.

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