The only thing we can't recycle is wasted time!

When your post-production materials become a noble product…

For a responsible circular economy, more sustainable use and recovery of our resources

We create a world where people can adapt to life’s many changes.
Thanks to our partners selected for their awareness of environmental issues, we recycle and develop quality solutions in the fields of childcare, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence.

Because protecting the planet is everyone’s business, we give you the keys so that you can make a difference every day.


Baby diapers

Babies around the world of every social level deserve absorbent products like no other that are leak-proof and extremely comfortable to wear.

We offer endless options to ensure that the product perfectly matches your market and your needs.

Different offers of quality A & B baby diapers exclusively of European manufacture are offered to you, packaged in boxes, compressed bales, original packs…

Adult diapers

Incontinence requires a reliable, comfortable and discreet solution.
Thanks to the proven and innovative technology of our partner factories, our customers are fully satisfied.

We offer a wide range of options to ensure that the product perfectly matches your market and your needs.

Many regular arrivals in grade A & B original packaging, destocking.


Sanitary pads and other protections

We strive to meet all needs of all ages.

Our portfolio includes a full range of very discreet feminine care products ranging from daily protection to extra absorption at night, with a particular emphasis on comfort and attention to durability and natural raw materials, because we believe that true innovation by our partners can only be achieved with full respect for the environment.

Why choose us ?

Our know-how encourages us to always go further in the method and the optimization of the recovery of waste and its destination.


Essential expert in the management of the waste sector, thus creating new innovative sectors by reducing the economic and environmental impact.


A long experience in all sectors related to the recycling and recovery of materials.


Work with a reliable partner, mastering all the sectors and capable of ensuring full traceability of the materials handled.


We work for the future of the environment by paying eco-contributions to associations reforesting the areas destroyed by the intensive exploitation of forests.