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We support our customers responding to a desire for a more circular industry in synergy with other sectors in demand for recycled materials (construction, automotive, etc.). Our vast network around the world allows us to recover materials or products that are no longer used or intended for destruction with the aim of transforming them into quality materials or products. It takes into account the entire life cycle of the product, from its design to its destruction, including its production, its distribution and the use made by the consumer, in a circular economy perspective whose main objective is to save and recycle available natural resources as much as possible and preserve the environment.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed...

Textile fiber

When waste becomes raw material…

By recycling Mex Group makes it possible to reuse and transform this raw material that has become waste.
We give it a new life, far from landfills and incinerators.

We specialize in:

  • post-production recycling: scrap generated by synthetic fiber producers or by cutting workshops (natural and synthetic)
  • recycling: textile fibers (polyester, polyamide) produced from materials derived from fibers from recycled clothing.
  • frayed fabrics from recycled clothing in the Circular Economy

We collect clothes, linens and sort the materials according to your specifications.
Packaging in bales of 350 & 500kg.

white 70% cotton rags
70% cotton colored cloths
jeans / broken jeans (bottom of pants)
knit (wool, acrylic,..)

We collect new waste generated by the textile industry such as manufacturing scraps from spinning mills and milling plants, weaving, knitting or finishing, fabric scraps, cutting scraps, textile waste from packaging, linen, etc.

Use :

  • Unraveling (various wools and fabrics) which makes it possible to obtain materials that can be recycled in new construction (manufacture of blankets, carpets, etc.) or that can be used in thermal insulation.
  • Spinning from recycled fibers.
  • Manufacture of certain kinds of paper (special paper made from pure cotton, linen and hemp rags) and cardboard (for example felt support for bitumen roofing).
Gisement matière post- Production
Gisement matière post- Production
Gisement matière post- Production
Gisement matière post- Production

These recycled fibers are used in industrial sectors such as automotive equipment (felt), furniture, insulation (thermal insulation panels), etc…

Raw materials Hygiene

Mex Group specializes in the treatment and recovery of industrial waste of hygiene products such as incontinence products for adults, feminine protection & baby diapers.

Each year, we recover no less than 500 tonnes of cellulosic fibers for the benefit of industry. Our recycled materials will be reused in various industrial sectors such as hygiene (production of baby diapers, incontinence panties, sanitary napkins, mattress pads, etc.), tissue paper (reel of wiping paper, etc.) This regeneration contributes to the reduction of raw material costs & carbon footprint.

From this post-production waste, components such as sodium polyacrylate (a super-absorbent material), cellulosic fibers and plastic are separated and processed.
Mex Group thus transforms it into a secondary raw material intended to supply new production lines for hygiene and many others.

Sodium Polyacrylate in particulate form is recovered from a mixture of industrial rejects from baby diapers and adult incontinence briefs. He is able to absorb all liquids 150 times his weight in record time. Mex Group thus regenerates them into a secondary raw material intended to supply new production lines and many others.

Recycled polyethylene corresponds to plastic films recovered from industrial waste from the production of diapers that are interesting for producing plastic parts that do not require special technical specifications. This material is suitable for injection or extrusion processes.
Bales from 200 to 400kg – 15T 1x40HC


Mex Group specializes in the recycling of post-production “detergent” waste materials from major European manufacturers with a high reputation.

Daily arrivals of destocking or raw material to be packaged (ICB) allow our customers to find new products every day.
The purpose of our entity being the sale of quality products with always very low prices.
Different reasons can explain these prices: production overstocks, defective packaging, a minor defect that does not comply with the meticulous specifications of chain stores that does not affect use in any way.

In this way, we contribute to safeguarding our precious natural resources.

ICB 1000L liquid concentrate: raw material to be repackaged for export

Dishwashing liquid

Washing machine powder, intended for export.

Dishwasher capsules to be reconditioned, intended for export.

Mex values ​​discarded or unsold items from the detergent industry.

Dishwashing liquid
Dishwashing liquid pods
Multi-purpose wipes
Cleaning wipes

Other raws

Solutions & Expertise

Do you want to save money on your waste?
Mex collects your textile and plastic industrial waste by recycling them either in existing sectors or by creating new ones

Do you want to integrate materials into your production process?
We write your well-defined specifications together, our team goes to the field to look for potential material suppliers for your factory.

Our offer
We then organize the sourcing, collection, transport and processing of materials according to our contract.
For collection, we sign partnerships with material suppliers (production or post-consumer by-products). Containers are then set up to recover the material in an optimal way (tipper, metal box, etc.).
The transformation is carried out by following the latest developments present on the market.

Do you have products intended for destruction and want to be part of an eco-conversion process?

Depending on your sector of activity, this may interest us!
Do you perhaps have materials to recycle and upcycle?

We analyze your project for a reuse proposal with the aim of developing a new eco-designed component.

Why choose us ?

Our know-how encourages us to always go further in the method and the optimization of the recovery of waste and its destination.


Essential expert in the management of the waste sector, thus creating new innovative sectors by reducing the economic and environmental impact.


A long experience in all sectors related to the recycling and recovery of materials.


Work with a reliable partner, mastering all the sectors and capable of ensuring full traceability of the materials handled.


We work for the future of the environment by paying eco-contributions to associations reforesting the areas destroyed by the intensive exploitation of forests.