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Mex Group Recycling

Mex Group promotes the emergence of industrial sectors linked to the ecological transition on the European national and international territory.

Mex Group Recycling

Create and maintain an optimal recycling cycle

Since its creation in 2018 in the New Aquitaine basin, the MEX GROUP company has been designing and developing sustainable solutions for the management and recovery of post-consumer & industrial waste.

Our clients are VSEs and large companies, in France, in Europe and around the world.

How can we help you ?

Aware of the rapid evolution of its environment, Mex Group is positioned as a central and integrated player in the recovery, processing & supply of secondary raw materials used in the manufacture of new products used in the industrial, agricultural sector. , mining and petroleum, municipal as well as environmental.


We offer solutions for the recovery of post-production material residues by collaborating with the best manufacturers in Europe. Some will be sorted for resale on the local export market, others transformed into secondary raw material.


Nous revalorisons les chutes de production textiles et les TLC post-consommation en les mettant à la disposition de nos partenaires industriels effilocheurs qui les transforment en feutres éco-conçus par exemple ou bien en les réduisant en matière première secondaire.

Innovative solutions

We support our customers who respond to a desire for a more circular industry in synergy with other sectors in demand for recycled materials (construction, automotive, etc.). We are developing new eco-designed components.

Why choose us ?

Our know-how encourages us to always go further in the method and the optimization of the recovery of waste and its destination.


Essential expert in the management of the waste sector, thus creating new innovative sectors by reducing the economic and environmental impact.


A long experience in all sectors related to the recycling and recovery of materials.


Work with a reliable partner, mastering all the sectors and capable of ensuring full traceability of the materials handled.


We work for the future of the environment by paying eco-contributions to associations reforesting the areas destroyed by the intensive exploitation of forests.