Your recycling & eco-conversion partner

Rethinking the entire life cycle of a product to minimize its environmental impacts, this is our motto.

Recycling, recovery & circular economy

MEX GROUP has been part of a global eco-responsible approach for the past few years for the reuse & the creation of new sectors from recycling, biosourced materials and the revaluation of textile waste.

We position ourselves as an indispensable player in the economic system of exchange and production which, at all stages of the product life cycle, aims to increase the efficiency of the use of resources and reduce the impact on the environment. while developing the well-being of individuals.


Our recycling channels





Our teams make every effort to develop new initiatives to extend the life of textiles and footwear. We favor reuse by mobilizing our qualified teams according to the specifications of our customers.

Today, 56.5% of the textiles and shoes collected and sorted are deemed suitable for reuse. Only 5% of these items will be resold in France and across Europe. The difference is exported in response to demand from client countries, particularly for grade A/B.

Original raw collection

We collect all types of clothing: household linen, original shoes as well as skimmed in all regions of France and Europe thanks to our partners who are members of our network.

  • Highest product quality
  • Includes fashionable items in mint condition
  • Carefully packed into 55lb/25kg bale bags
  • Is perfect for sale in demanding European markets
  • Best value for money
  • Classified in more than 90 categories
  • Packaged in 100 lb/45 kg bales
  • Clothing from popular American brands
  • Very light to moderate wash/wear, no major holes or stains for grade A
  • Grade B has more signs of wear than Grade A, but is priced lower
  • A mix of garments with visible signs of wear
  • Very attractive price
  • Big bales 750-1000 lbs / 340-450 kg
  • Sold mainly in the Pakistani market

Sorted goods

We offer a wide choice of clothing and shoes carefully sorted by our experienced teams according to the desired quality. We export at preferential rates by truck, 20', 40HC container to several countries around the world: Europe, Africa, Latin America and Central Asia.




Recover materials at the end of their life to divert their basic use, thus creating a new function for them!

Mex collects textiles to give them a new function that of wiping.

Wiping cloths

We offer textiles for the production of industrial wiping cloths.

We carry out a selective sorting by color, quality according to your specifications packaged in “bales” of 400 kg.


Used boat sails to make trendy accessories (bags, pouf, wallet ...) Successful bet with our Italian partner, each material becomes a wealth....
Tell us about your projects in order to find the materials that suit you for your creations!

Would you like to know more about our textile recycling sector?

Why choose us ?

Our know-how encourages us to always go further in the method and the optimization of the recovery of waste and its destination.


Essential expert in the management of the waste sector, thus creating new innovative sectors by reducing the economic and environmental impact.


A long experience in all sectors related to the recycling and recovery of materials.


Work with a reliable partner, mastering all the sectors and capable of ensuring full traceability of the materials handled.


We work for the future of the environment by paying eco-contributions to associations reforesting the areas destroyed by the intensive exploitation of forests.