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Your recyclables are our raw material...

At the heart of the Hygiene & Textile Sector ecosystem, Mex Group offers services that facilitate and accelerate the transformation towards the circular economy, at national, European and international level. We provide, on behalf of more than 200 companies, management of the prevention and management of the end of life of their products, placed on the consumer market.

Act daily

MEX Group is a company based in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region specializing in the international trade of hygiene products such as baby diapers, adult incontinence, feminine hygiene, baby wipes, paper towels, toilet paper…

Since 2017, we have been taking action on a daily basis to provide future generations with a living planet and working to put a stop to environmental degradation and build a future where humans live in harmony with nature.

We also support manufacturers in solving often costly environmental issues, in enhancing & eco-designing materials regardless of their maturity on the subject.

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Protect the environment and generations

The demonstration is well established of the negative impact of consumption patterns that have long been the norm in our modern societies. Even if mentalities are changing, behaviors are evolving, the law is becoming more restrictive, the offer of more virtuous or responsible products is increasingly important, we can still only see the excessive waste of raw materials all around from U.S.

Lovers of wide open spaces, nature observers, surrounded by children, and therefore wondering what we could do to give them the opportunity to fully enjoy an environment as preserved as possible, we had the simple idea to see what we could do with our “everyday” objects at the end of their life.

Who are we and why choose us?

With more than twenty years of experience in this field, Akim & Akima Kala, creators of the company, have been able to conquer new markets and develop privileged partnerships in many countries. Among them: Eastern Europe, Middle East, North and West Africa and soon the South American continent…

The development of Mex Group is based on professionalism, efficient logistics, responsiveness but also integrity and trust.
The development policy is now turning towards new promising prospects, in particular by becoming a real European sales representative office, both for export and import, with for example the representation of an ecological range from a major manufacturer. Italian.

We have an exclusivity with certain European factories thus offering the best value for money and regular sources of supply. This commercial representation of French and European manufacturers are labeled eco-responsible.

For total transparency, all of MEX Group’s commitments are written down in contracts containing:

  • the working environment
  • the types of hygiene products, textiles concerned (original and/or second choice, )
  • their origin, their packaging, their storage
  • the type of means of transport chartered by MEX Group
  • loading methods
  • prices and payment terms
Mex Group
Mex Group

Our company values



We draw our inspiration from the constant search for new solutions for regenerating materials into secondary raw materials. Innovation is part of our company's DNA.



We are committed to creating lasting jobs, in France and around the world. Participate in the creation of a democratic and united world where every human being has the right to live in dignity, to fulfill themselves in mutual respect and that of future generations.


Expertise & Respect

We are truly attached to a strong proximity with our customers and we direct our efforts towards their satisfaction and towards the creation of lasting and trusting relationships. It is one of our priorities.



Our most powerful resource and our ability to stand out lies in the talent and expertise and the dynamism of our team. We are respectful in our interaction and transparent in our communication.