Upcycling: the most economical and ecological solution of the moment

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Recovering end-of-life materials to divert their basic use, thus creating a new function for them, is the principle of upcycling!

Making something new with something old, making something beautiful out of something less beautiful, that’s what we offer our customers.

Our vast network around the world allows us to recover materials or products that are no longer used or intended for destruction with the aim of transforming them into quality materials or products. It takes into account the entire life cycle of the product, from its design to its destruction, including its production, its distribution and the use made by the consumer, in a circular economy perspective whose main objective is to save and recycle available natural resources as much as possible and preserve the environment.

We recover different types of end-of-life materials with the aim of creating new functions for them:

  • textile fiber
  • Hygiene raw material
  • Detergents
  • Plastics
  • Other subjects

With our Italian partner, each material is a treasure!

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Lately, we have been collecting used boat sails to make trendy accessories (bags, pouf, wallet…) Incredible, isn’t it!?

Do you have products intended for destruction and want to be part of an eco-conversion process?

Depending on your sector of activity, this may interest us!
Do you perhaps have materials to recycle and upcycle?

We analyze your project for a reuse proposal with the aim of developing a new eco-designed component.

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